Booking and cancelation

How far in advance should I book the GrillHike ?

Reservations for the weekend close on Fridays at noon.
Example: if you want to go on a walk on Saturday 19 June, you can book until Friday 17 June at 12 noon.

Is it possible to book a package for one person?

Unfortunately, all our packages are for a minimum of 2 people. Only the children's package can be ordered alone, in addition to another package. However, it is possible to book for an odd number of people beyond 3 (3-5-7-9-... people).

How does the payment work?

Everything is done online at the time of booking. There is no charge on arrival. If you would like additional drinks, they can be purchased on the premises when the equipment is handed over.

How do I cancel my booking? How far in advance do I need to book?

To cancel your booking, simply send an e-mail to specifying your order and we will refund your order if you are eligible. Please note that you can only cancel your booking free of charge up to the closing date of your booking. After this date, only 50% of your order will be refunded.
/!\ When you cancel, it is also possible to ask for a rescheduling of your activity, or a voucher for the amount of your reservation /!\
Example: if your walk is scheduled for Sunday 20 June, you can cancel your reservation until Friday 18 June at 12:00. If you cancel after Friday 18 June at 12:00, only 50% of your order will be refunded.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, we will ask you for an identity card or driving licence on receipt of the equipment. In case of damage/loss of the material, or if you do not respect the environment, we reserve the right to ask you for financial compensation. You can find more details in our general terms and conditions.

Can I reschedule my GrillHike activity?

Yes, if the cancellation conditions are met, you can send us an email to reschedule your GrillHike activity to another date, or request a voucher for the value of your order.


During my walk, how can I find my way?

When you will receive your equipment, you will find a roadbook and a map that will help you to orientate yourself and follow the chosen route. For those who like digital technology, a QR code on your roadbook will give you access to a .gpx file that will guide you via an appropriate mobile application (GPX viewer,...).

Can I take my dog with me?

Of course! Our dog friends are always welcome in the High Fens. However, please make sure you keep them on a lead during your walk.

Are the walks adapted to wheelchairs and pushchairs?

Unfortunately, the area is very hilly, which makes it difficult to follow a GrillHike with a wheelchair or pushchair. However, it is possible to organise your own walk in the beautiful village of Ovifat.

What do I do if I get lost on my walk?

Use the pictures and the points marked on the roadbook map if you are lost. If you can't find your way around, you can call us on 0473 27 29 49 or 0472 21 74 77 and we will redirect you or come and pick you up.


How do I light the barbecue?

Our barbecues work with a gas cartridge. When you receive the equipment, we will show you how to light the barbecue safely. Don't worry, it's very simple!

I am allergic to gluten and/or lactose. Is there a formula suitable for me?

Unfortunately, all our formulas contain gluten and lactose. However, some of our foods do not contain them. You can ask for the exact list by phone.

Where can I cook my barbecue?

You can cook your barbecue in one of the many beautiful places indicated on your roadbook. These have been established in agreement with the DNF (Department of Nature and Forests) in order to limit any fire risk. Sightseeing, fun and relaxation guaranteed!


Is it possible to extend the GrillHike experience?

Of course! Our partner, the Barra'ski, with its magnificent terrace and breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, will be happy to welcome you back to the starting point.

What do I need to know about respecting nature and places?

The High Fens region offers a preserved nature and we therefore ask you to respect this privileged place by not littering. You can download our guide for good hikers here.

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